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What is Ark Electronics
(E.J. Constantine Interview)

E.J. Constantine, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, explains what is Ark Electronics

Ark Electronics introduction

-Delivering Intelligent Innovation with Integrity
-Contract Manufacturing
-Design Engineering
-IoT Solutions


Ark provides end-to-end, turnkey services for developing a wide range of products, across a wide variety of market segments. With niche Research & Development expertise into IoT (Internet of Things), PCBA Design, Hardware Development, Prototyping Development, Product Re-Engineering, Product Sustenance & Manufacturing to several industry verticals such as Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Home Automation and Wearable Technologies.



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Ark supports growth and differentiation across multiple industries. Our breadth of capabilities and experience is proven by our long-term partnerships with some of the world’s largest electronics brands.
-Mobile Communication Devices
-Television & Home Gaming Entertainment
-Industrial IoT Device Solutions
-Automotive, Connected Car
-Personal Wearables
-Home Car Security

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